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Our company is built on a strong foundation: family first and trust. We are a local window washing company that has spent years building trusting relationships with our customers. You won’t find another company that will put the customer interest before the sale like we do! Read more about how our process works below.

Before anything you should give us a call or fill out our easy form on our contact page. We will be able to give you a no obligation free quote over the phone in most cases, if not we will send out one of our seasoned estimators to look over the job and give out a price. You can rest assured that our work is the best in the Buckeye area, we have been washing windows for 20+ years.

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How much does a window cleaning service cost?

Regular Pricing: Pay by the pane

Window cleaning is normally priced by the number of panes of glass that are to be cleaned. An ordinary window consists of two panes.

The typical window washing cost is around $2-$7 per pane depending on how large the pane is. Some companies charge an hourly rate. Angie’s List members report paying an average of $250-$275 for a residential home window cleaning, which may include glass doors and screens.

In order to keep your windows squeaky clean, it’s a pretty good idea to get your windows cleaned twice per year. However, a number of factors (i.e. it’s the rainy season and your house gets hit with many storms), can affect how often your windows will need cleaning.  

Figuring out the total cost

Although window cleaning seems like a relatively straightforward job, there are plenty of variables that change what the final total comes to:

  • How dirty is the glass? Dirtier windows normally require extra tools, equipment and time

  • The number of windows is the #1 factor in how much you’ll end up paying

  • Ease of access — If ladders are required you may incur an extra fee

  • Inside, outside or both? If you go with interior-only or exterior-only service may save you a little money in the short term, but like most services, when you opt for a la carte pricing you pay more per service. If you think you’ll eventually want both, it’s best to get them done at the same time.

There may be extra service charges for:

  • Screen cleaning, at 50 cents to $5 each depending on if the service provider has a screen cleaning machine.

  • Cleaning windowsills and tracks; these can get very dirty and are usually worth cleaning as well.

  • Paint or stain removal, this can cost anywhere from $3-6 per window affected, depending on how bad it is.

  • Going up: The cost of window work on the first and second floors of a home is generally the same, but additional floors can cost up to $3 to $5 more for every window.

Window Cleaning Service in Buckeye

Do you have hard to reach windows? We can take care of all of your window cleaning tasks. We love to help our fellow Buckeye natives as well as Buckeye  with residential and commercial window cleaning.

Window Cleaning in KC is a window cleaning service located in the Buckeye & Buckeye area. 

Contact us today to book a window cleaner in the Buckeye Area

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